Winter Walk along the Shoreline

Looking out toward Fisher's Island Sound.

Looking out toward Fisher’s Island Sound.

Last weekend, the husband and I wanted to do some exploring. Wanting to get outside since it was an unseasonably warm day, we decided to veer off our normal restaurant/pub crawl afternoon jaunts and take a walk in the woods. But why do the normal woodsy walk when we could take a walk through salt marshes along Fisher’s Island Sound. Thus began our Barn Island Wildlife Reserve adventure.

Yes, it probably wasn’t the best day to take a walk along the shoreline, being that leaf peeping season is over, but we kind of liked roaming through the woods and grassy marshes admiring the different brown and golden hues. Few people were about, so we had the paths to ourselves except for a wandering dog and one adventurous bicyclist. Wildlife was mostly hidden from us, but the briny scent of salt water and the light breezes off the sound made the hour-long walk truly enjoyable. The only downside of the trip was when it began to rain toward the end of our walk. Rather than get all aflutter about it, we took it all in stride, both figuratively and literally, glad we had taken a short-cut through the woods earlier.

Tim checking out the road ahead.

Tim checking out the road ahead.

Yes, this is a definite “Do Again.” The multiple paths are child friendly, yet are long enough to make it interesting for seasoned hikers. I know that in the summertime many artists come out to the marshes to paint. While the pictures we took on our walk are lovely, I can’t imagine that a photograph can ever do justice to the natural beauty there. Guess I will just have to buy a painting. Or filch a painting from an artist next summer when I plan to do this walk again. I will make sure to let you know how that goes.

Barn Island Info (includes directions)

FREE to general public


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