Beer Bars and Best Bites – The Ginger Man (NYC)

Allagash White with Beer and Food menu at The Ginger Man - NYC

Allagash White with Beer and Food menu at The Ginger Man – NYC

This past Thursday, my husband and I found ourselves on Metro-North Railway traveling to The City to see a game at Madison Square Garden. Now, we love to go to museums, theatre, and whatnot, but this was not that kind of trip. We were on a quest to get in as many pubs as possible. I am pleased to report that we were successful.

First stop on our trek was The Ginger Man. Conveniently located off of Madison Avenue on 36th Street, this bar has over 60 taps and a small, but beer friendly menu. The beer is of good quality, there are several cask beers on at all times, and the décor is tasteful, yet quirky. Dinner was a tasty roast beef sandwich with chips and a bratwurst plate with sauerkraut, black bread, and creamy potato salad. One nice element to the menu is that it includes suggested beer pairings. We like to make our own selections though, so the husband chose Bear Republic Black Racer and Brew Dog’s Libertine Black Ale, while I started with an Allagash White and for desert had one of the best Cosmos ever.

The white shirt in the mirror is the stalker.

The white shirt in the mirror is the stalker.

We got to the bar at 7:00pm and it was packed with suits and skirts. If you want to have a drink to ease your way into the evening after a long day at work or just want to watch everyone in action, this is the place to be. One guy in particular was especially entertaining to watch. He was trolling the room with hopes for hooking up with one of the many lovely ladies – poor soul – the girls next to us shot him down. No worries though, he just moved on to another group. Had to leave for the game, so didn’t get to see how it panned out. We have been to The Ginger Man at least ten times and each time we come away completely satisfied – therefore, we deem it a total “Do Again.”



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