The Biggest Loser and Food Trends for 2014

Food Trends for 2014

Food Trends for 2014

Monday evening the husband came home with an announcement. He had joined a Biggest Loser contest at work and was going on a STRICT diet. What?! I have to cook diet food? For two months? This was not in my plan. I mean, just like many others, I did a fine job of binging over the holidays and feel the need to cleanse my system to shed a few pounds, but a full-on diet? I have never done that. So I got researching.

To try and accomplish this task of revamping our diet, I went out and purchased the January edition of Bon Appetit magazine. The cover, with an asian pork noodle soup and the tag line “the new healthy” got my attention. Inside, I focused on the  section that made several predictions for what is going to be trending this year. It appears that we are going to be eating a lot of greens, grains (other than wheat), fish, and local, rather than industrial, meats – such as pasture raised chickens and grass-fed beef. Oh yeah, the gluten-free  and nut milk movement is going to increase as well.

Time magazine though has a different twist on the food trend theme. They are predicting that kohlrabi is the new kale. I remember my grandmother growing this veggie on her farm in western North Carolina. It is a strange-looking vegetable that is usually pickled or used raw like jicama. I grew it a few years ago and had trouble figuring out what to do with the suckers. I think I waited too long to harvest them because many were the size of a toddler’s head and had a thick skin that was difficult to trim. Maybe I should give it another try. We’ll see; I am not convinced that this trend is going to go mainstream.

The most interesting food trend I have heard so far though comes from Joel Stein, a Time magazine columnist. He is predicting, with assistance from Alvin Roth, a Stanford professor in economics, that veganism is going to take over the world and all meat eaters may become officially repugnant. They point to current issues with factory farming and health concerns over red meat as to why these offensive meat eaters are losing ground in popularity.

In the article, “The Future is Now. . .ish”, Roth states, “We already don’t eat whale. We think whales might be smart. The next question is cows.” Well, I for one can vouch that cows are smart. Well, some cows. On the farm, I saw cows, especially Bertha and Bossy do some highly intelligent stuff. I mean, Bertha was a wiz at algebraic calculations and Bossy built a two-stroke engine that was solar powered. Now that is talent! Fortunately for them, we never ate Bossy nor Bertha – just their offspring, who weren’t quite as intelligent. Chalk this one up to survival of the fittest.

A peek into my fridge.

A peek into my fridge.

Thus, with all of this food trend insight, I shuffled off the the grocery and farmer’s market to load up on my hip, cool foods. Once home, I laid them out on the counter and began to formulate my plans for healthy, yet delicious meals for the week. I am going to make that asian noodle soup, pan-sauteed flounder, tofu veggie noodles with teriyaki, and a farro/beet/goat cheese salad (beets are hip right now too). I am also eating a lot of clementines, fruit smoothies, and hot tea with lemon. I will post some of these recipes later this week.

My question to you is – What are you eating right now? I can always use some new ideas!

Oh yeah, and Joel Stein. . .  I plan on remembering all of your predictions for 2014, so you aren’t off the hook. Especially the one about the “obese, polygamist, vegan President on steroids who keeps a brain-dead clone of himself around for spare parts.” Somehow I don’t think that one will fly.


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