Cabin Fever “Strikes” Big Time

Game Faces

Baby its cold outside and I am BORED. Two days of snow and no football this weekend while we all gear up for the Super Bowl – time to find a fun, warm, indoor activity to while away the hours. Why not go bowling?

About two months ago, the husband and I decided to go to Hard Rock Café at Foxwoods for lunch and afterwards took a stroll through their maze of corridors hoping to find something interesting to do. Having heard that there was a bowling/club establishment there, we went on the hunt.

 High Rollers is tucked away on a lower level of the casino near the Grand Pequot Hotel across from David Burke’s steakhouse. Look for the escalator to get to both.

Glitzy BowlingEven though we suck at bowling, we think it is fun. But, when there is a glitzy club-like atmosphere with chandeliers, dim lighting, and huge HDTVs scattered throughout, bowling is transformed into high entertainment.  After a good look around, we decided to come back with the kids to try the place out full-on.

The day of our test drive, the front area was filled with football fans. A huge TV was showing a Patriots game and all of the leather lounge chairs were filled with waitresses bustling around refilling glasses and serving food.

As we ventured deeper into the lounge, we found the U-shaped bar only half full, so decided to eat there. The service was friendly and the menu was creative, yet the food selections were still familiar enough that you knew you were in a bar.

I had the grilled salmon sandwich and homemade tater tots with truffle dipping sauce. Everyone else chose pizzas for their meals.  My sandwich was a little bit dry, but the tater tots were delicious. The pizza was a hit and Katie especially liked the spinach and artichoke pizza with boursin.

Waiting for a TurnAfter lunch, we moved over to our bowling lane, taking our refreshing adult beverages with us. Each lane is equipped with a computerized scoring system, leather couches and armchairs, and coffee table. The luxurious drapes and sparkling chandeliers add extra glitz while also providing an intimate environment, which is a nice thing to have when you aren’t exactly an amazing bowler.

What was especially surprising though was how reasonability priced both the food and bowling was. I expected to pay much more because of the surroundings and personal servers, but we didn’t. Thus, this joint is definitely worthy of Doing Again.

PS: There are also fabulous club-like bowling alleys like this in BostonCenter City Philly and just a little north of Center Philly as well. Having been to both of these places, I can attest to their worthiness as well.




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