Creative Quinoa – Goin’ Crunchy!


Quinoa Crunchies

A few weekends ago, Mark Bittman, NY Times food writer, wrote a fabulous article about new uses for Quinoa. I decided to try the recipe for Quinoa Crumbs with some leftover cooked Red Quinoa I had tucked away in the fridge. Bittman had a variety of flavor options including Smoky Paprika, Sesame Nori, Pumpkin Seed Spice and more. I decided to be daring and create my own flavor blend and used Maldon Sea Salt and  Zahtar Spice Blend, which ended up quite yummy. 

Marinated Flank Steak with Quinoa CrunchisThis technique, especially if you already have cooked quinoa on hand, is very easy and quick to prepare. I sprinkled my “Crunchies” on a flank steak salad earlier in the week and was quite pleased.  I like how it added texture and flavor to the dish with few calories. I suggest you check out Bittman’s flavor blends and then experiment to your own tastes.

I feel it’s always nice to have a variety of ways to cook a grain. Who wants white rice every night? In an effort to mix things up a little more, I plan to use leftover quinoa as a substitute for millet in the Millet Scallion Pancakes in the January 2014 issue of Bon Appetit as well. I can’t seem to find millet at my grocery, so why not?


What creative ways have you used grains lately? Always up for new ideas! Leave a comment.


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