Glendronach – Aged 12 years: A Winter Warmer

GlenDronach - Aged 12 yearsThe husband decided it was time to pull out his tasting glass from our trip to Edinburgh last night, but wanted to have something worth to pour in it. Thus, he decided to do a mini-splurge with the GlenDronach Original – Aged 12 years . He could have amped up his investment with an older version, but decided that wasn’t necessary.

This lovely scotch has a sherry note at the beginning, followed by a fruity, raisiny flavor. The mouth-feel was full and has a somewhat buttery with a nutty finish.

On a cold winter night, this scotch is a good buy and does a fabulous job of taking the chill out of your bones. Something we northerners could use about now.

Damn that Groundhog.