Snow Day #4 – Boredom Busters

A great time to cook and eat. 

Parsley, sage, rosemary and snowI just heard a report that it is a record snowy winter in Philadelphia. Today is the fourth snowy day there that has accumulated more than 6 inches in one day. This has never happened ever. So, all of you along the east coast that are stuck inside, like me, what are you doing today?

I made Baked Eggs in Grits for breakfast and am currently making French Onion Soup – perfect snow day food. (Will post the recipe tonight when I have some pics) Last night, I made a recipe from Bon Appetit – January 2014 – Pan Roasted chicken with Harissa Chickpeas. It is cheap, easy, and tasty. I especially liked the chick peas and how the harissa warmed up my insides. Check out the link for the recipe; it is definitely worth doing again. ( I did find that I needed more water than what the recipe indicated – otherwise, the recipe was accurate.)

Snow day GamesTonight, once we get a good dose of cabin fever, we might whip out our favorite games – Cards Against Humanity  (CAH) (you can play online too!) and Things. Can play this online as well.

I know that CAH is taking the country by storm, but if you haven’t heard of it yet and you have a warped sense of humor, like my family, you need to check it out. My son got this for Christmas (he knows one of the developers of the game) and we had a blast playing it. In a nutshell, everyone pulls cards from a deck that are used to fill in the blank(s) for a statement or question the “judge” poses from another pile of cards. The goal is to see who has the funniest answer. When playing this game, make sure you feel comfortable with each other because it gets smarmy and inappropriate quite fast.

As much as I like CAH, THINGS can be even better. The major difference between the games is that THINGS doesn’t have cards for the players to choose their answer from – you need to create your own answers. So, it can get just as crazy as CAH as long as you have truly demented and creative people playing. Since the oddball answers are up to you to create, it can take a few rounds to get the proverbial “creative juices flowing,” but once everyone gets in sync it can gets even wilder and raunchier than CAH.

Also, if you choose to, THINGS can be played in a G-rated mode, but why would you do that?! Both games are available online, so get shopping and you too will have a blast during the next record-braking snow storm. Winter isn’t over yet.