The Sun Rules with the Sunday Farmer’s Market and a Super Cool Sun Dial

Thank heaven summer has finally arrived. And along with it comes all of the local farmer’s markets offering us tastes and smells of summer.In the winter,  the Stonington Farmer’s Market moves to the Velvet Mill on Bayview Avenue and has now moved back to the town docks for the summer location. But that isn’t the only game in town.

Denison Homestead - Mystic CTWhile I do go to the Stonington Market the most, sometimes, ahem, I sleep in too late to make it there so I must go further afield to get local ingredients. On Thursdays, Westerly has its farmer’s market near the ice skating rink and Sundays a market can be found at the Denison Homestead in Mystic. While both have a good variety of vendors I was especially surprised in a delighted way with the Sunday Market.

A few weeks ago I stumbled into the Sunday Market to visit one of my friends who is working to legalize hemp in Connecticut (the industrial plant, not the smokable one) and was surprised at the quantity of vendors. I know this market has only been around for a few years, but it is beginning to rival the selection in Stonington. One reason I believe this to be so is because of the leader, our own Mr. Davis from Davis farm, who is inviting a wide range of new vendors including a local meat purveyor, my hemp loving friend, and another cool product – a human-run sundial.

Sun Dial Time TestActually, human-run sundial is my name for it. John Geary, its inventor, calls it a Horizontal Analemmatic Sundial. John has several clients who have had him install these sculptural sundials in their gardens to delight visitors and I dare say, many schools are interested as well. I do have to say, it is quite a conversation piece. Many decide to place a special sculpture at the center of the dial to help tell time rather than using their own shadows for the effect. John spent a few minutes at the Farmer’s Market showing me how it was installed and I got to stand in for the statue to see how it worked first hand. Its kinda neat!

Want to check out some of his videos showing the whole thing in action? Just click here

The mysterious calculations to create a sun dial in your yard.

The mysterious calculations to create a sun dial in your yard.

and you can see several showing not only how it works, but also the construction process.

So, if you are like me and tend to sleep in on Saturday mornings, I suggest you try out the Sunday Market at the Denison Homestead. And if you see John and his sundial, stop by and say “Hi”, you will be glad you did.



Precision Sundial

John Geary, 860.383.3068


Denison Homestead Farmer’s Market

Every Sunday through mid-October, 12-3pm, 860.536.9248